5 Ways to Truly Enjoy Your Wedding Day!

Bride punches her fist in the air in celebration while groom holds her dress at Auberge du Soleil.

So you’ve been planning your wedding for months, maybe more than a year, and the big day has arrived. All that excitement, anticipation, and let’s be honest, stress, has culminated in this particular calendar day or weekend.

As a photographer, it’s my job to be observational. And I see that jittery excitement when I arrive for the getting ready photos, and I love that energy! And all the while your tables are being set, the alter is being flowered, and the DJ is doing their sound check. However, on a wedding day, some things might not go as planned, sometimes small things, sometimes bigger things. You’ve spent all that time planning and you want it to go perfect! Well as the main observer and documenter of your wedding day (and having been a bride myself), I will say that the most important thing a couple can do on their wedding day, is ENJOY it! Sometimes easier said than done when the worries get in the way, yes? So here are some tips:

1. Eat, drink, and then be married.

Given the morning jitters, some couples forget to eat breakfast or drink water when they are getting ready. You will need that energy to sustain you for a full day, so eat something nutritious and drink plenty of water (ok, now I sound like your mom). Sure, have a toast of champagne, or whiskey, with your bridal party, but some food and hydration go a long way!
Also, I want you to enjoy all the delicious food your caterer is making. After the ceremony we will most likely be taking family photos. So have your caterer put together a sampler plate of the cocktail hour appetizers to bring over to you for some quick bites. This is the time of day when I sometimes see my couples’ energy start to wane, so grab a bruschetta and then let’s go take the couple portraits (the most important photos of the day!).

Wedding cocktail hour appetizers and signature drinks.

2. Comfortable shoes.

You are wearing your finest on your wedding day. But don’t buy new shoes to go with your stunning dress or suit and never wear them around a bit. Standing in them at a fitting doesn’t count! I love photographing an awesome pair of Louboutins anytime. But if your dogs are barking, chances are, you won’t be having the best time at your wedding! So bring a secondary pair of shoes that are stylish but also comfy, and switch into them after the ceremony. And ladies, I’ll be honest most wedding dresses don’t show your shoes anyways! Also, if your shoes restrict your ability to move and walk, it will limit those amazing photos I am excited to take!

The bride gets dressed and puts on her shoes while her dog visits. Bride and groom on beach in Cabo at sunset.

3. Rely on your wedding party.

I hope they are not just there to look good! These are some of your best friends, cousins, siblings, etc. These are your people, your entourage. And while they may also look good, don’t hesitate to ask them for help, both before your wedding day and during! The best bridal parties are the ones making sure you have had something to eat and drink, will hold your bouquet, dress train, lip gloss, etc. for you. They will run back to the room to get the forgotten hanky that was your grandma’s, be the first on the dance floor to rally the party, they'll make you laugh when you’re feeling nervous, and grab you a tissue when you need it. Dress needs bustling? They are on it—and don’t forget to practice this with your bridesmaid before the wedding day!

Bridesmaids apply finishing touches of lipstick to the bride in Cabo San Lucas.
Bride and groom walk with their wedding party in Walnut Creek, California.

4. Trust your vendors.

You have spent months researching vendors, requesting references, reviewing samples of their work, and meeting with them. And you chose vendors whose work you like, communicate well with you, and who also have personalities that jive with yours. Congratulations, you have now put together your own super wedding team! And the coordinator will be there to oversee them all, so relax and know you’re in good hands with seasoned professionals.

Wedding vendors and florists prepare the ceremony and reception of the wedding.

5. In the words of Frozen, “let it go!”

This might be the hardest, but most important one of all. There are a lot of moving parts to a wedding, and some things may happen that are unpredictable. But if you roll with it and remember why you are there, who you are getting married to, and that all your favorite people in the world are there to celebrate with you, then this will be one of the BEST days of your life. And as a photographer, I really love capturing my couples when they are having a phenomenal time. Your happiness shines through in the photos, and that is when those magical moments happen!

Bride and groom run through a sparkler exit at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach resort.

Sonya Yruel has been documenting weddings for over a decade and she loves seeing her couples having the best day of their lives!
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