Juliana & Clement's San Francisco City Hall Wedding

San Francisco's City Hall is one of the most beautiful places to have a sweet and simple civil ceremony. I am of course biased, because it's where I got married, but its stunning beaux-arts architecture and soft balcony window-light make it a true gem. Along with the romance, it's still a government building so there's the funny experience of being given a ticketed number to wait in line to check in to the County Clerk's office with any number of other brides and grooms. And most of the open areas are public space, so while taking your wedding photos you might happen to have a tourist rocking an Alcatraz sweatshirt in the background, but that's all part of the experience.

Juliana and Clement happened to meet at an airport, both catching different legs of their international flights. It was an absolute joy meeting them in person and seeing how much in love they are. Their small group of friends and family in attendance showed them so much love and support. Some of Clement's family took an incredibly long journey from Tanzania to come and witness their civil union.

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