Alicia & Toño's Engagement Session in The Haight & Baker Beach

Happy Valentine's Day! I recently photographed these two lovebirds for their engagement session in the classic and colorful San Francisco neighborhood, The Haight. Then at sunset we zipped over to Baker Beach. I'm excited to photograph their wedding later this year!

 How they met:

Though Toño had had his eye on Alicia for months before, they officially met at a Halloween party in which Alicia was dressed as a space invader, complete with rocket ship and helmet; and Toño was dressed as himself.  The party was packed, and Alicia was in full swing on the dance floor, but the moment Toño walked in, it was as though the music halted and the sea of people parted between the two of them.  She stopped dancing and lifted her arm to wave to him.  He grinned and waved back.  They felt drawn together as if by some invisible force that night.  Even though they had never met, they felt as if they'd known each other for years.  They talked and talked, and just couldn't stop finding more and more things they had in common and loved about one another.  Alicia was forced to peel herself away to play host, but throughout the night, they always ended up back together.  They realize now, 2 1/2 years later, that the feeling they both got that night was love at first sight.  Though they waited to tell each other until later, that spark just couldn't be missed, and they each agreed that they both truly fell in love the moment they met.  And needless to say, each Halloween since that day, the two have come up with Halloween costumes together that continue to get more creative and silly each year!