Patricia & Mike in Chinatown & Bernal Heights

I had a such a blast photographing Patricia and Mike's engagement session! They chose Chinatown for the first part of the afternoon, as an homage to the heritage of both their families. Patricia decided to rock her mother's 1970's full-length sequined dress! The couple caused quite a stir as we made our way through the colorful and busy streets. People cheered, snapped pictures, asked to have their photo taken with Patricia (Miss Chinatown? A new bride? They weren't sure!). Patricia also brought an old family photo album along, and we plucked out a great polaroid of her parents for her and Mike to recapture.

A pit stop for some refreshments at the Buddha lounge!

Bernal Heights is a meaningful place to Patricia and Mike, especially since they'll be getting married at the Farmhouse Mansion later this year. So we headed there after Chinatown and hiked up the hill for beautiful 360 degree sunset views of San Francisco!